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Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board

All Cutting Boards Should Be This Durable and Slip-Resistant

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When it comes to cooking food in the kitchen, a cutting board is one of the must-have kitchen prep arsenals whose importance can hardly be overlooked. They provide a sturdy, ample surface for carving and chopping cut meat and slicing vegetables. Moreover, they help keep the mess off your kitchen island. 

However, finding a perfectly sized, high-quality one can be as challenging as settling on perfectly fitted clothing. Where some offer a solid surface, others offer sound grip. But, finding the all-in-one cutting board that excels in terms of size, material, design, and features is indeed a hard row to hoe. 

So, after consulting various chefs and personal use, we have culled up Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board, the top horse in the race.

Want to figure out what is so special about this Gorilla Grip Cutting Board? Then, buckle down to the next section without any further ado and get all your quests answered!

Gorilla Grip – Learn About The Brand!

Gorilla Grip is a reputable brand that makes various household products like non-slip mats, bath mats, gardening tools, and furniture protectors

One of the qualities that helps this brand stand out of the row is its unique crafting and design that grant high quality, superior performance, and durability to the products. Moreover, most of its products are mildew and mold resistant.

Two of its famous products are:

Why Buy Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board? – A Few Key Features to Eye On!

Looking for a soft and easy-to-clean cutting board yet non-fragile enough to get destroyed after a few uses? Then stop your search as the firm grip durable kitchen board by Gorilla Grip encompasses all the traits you long for.

Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board - Extremely Durable

Some of the top-notch features of this 3-set Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board are


It is made of plastic and not wood. The plastic is highly durable, so it doesn’t crack or splinter after many uses. Moreover, plastic is non-porous, so liquid and other fluids aren’t trapped in it, thus helping maintain a hygienic environment. 

As for the handles, they are made of rubber. These handles help provide a sound grip, absorb stroke knives easily, and are moisture resistant

Slip Resistant

One of the prime features that have made this cutting board popular among people is its slip resistance. As mentioned above, it has rubber borders and handles. Rubber has a high coefficient of friction and is, therefore, one of the best slip-resistant materials. 

These rubber borders have a unique textured surface containing small pockets that fill with a vacuum whenever it comes in contact with any other surface. 

This vacuum grants extra grip to the board and thus helps it stay in its place while cutting and chopping food.

Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board - Slip-Resistant Border


Since the Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board is made of plastic, it isn’t porous like wood. Therefore, it doesn’t absorb bacteria by any means. So, all the bacteria and microbes can be cleaned by simple washing and sanitizing.

Easy to Clean

Again, due to its non-porous material, the cutting board has little to no space for oil and other fluids to sweep through and become trapped. 

Secondly, the board has a textured groove design that prevents food from slipping. 

So, you can easily clean the board with soap and water. Moreover, Gorilla Grip has made this board dishwasher safe to assist you further. You can place the board in the dishwasher and wait for it to get cleansed.

Moreover, it doesn’t require any special maintenance or oiling.

Size and Thickness

The set consists of 3 boards nearly 0.4 inches thick, are quite large, and have a combined weight of only 4.3 lbs. The smallest one measures 11.8 by 8 inches, the middle measures 13.8 by 9.6 inches, and the largest one is 16 by 11.2 inches in size.

Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board - Larger than Others

Reversible Design

Last but not least, the unique Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board has a special groove design on both sides. This allows you to use it from both sides and thus prevent the mixing of flavor. 

Moreover, the cutting board has deep grooves near the edges on both sides. These grooves help prevent the slipping of juice or spillover of liquid. 

So, why not buy one and use the last drop of your lime juice too, instead of wasting it down the sink?

Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board - Extremely Durable

Recommended Use

The unique Gorilla Grip Cutting Boards can be used to cut, chop, dice, and prepare a variety of foods, including

  1. Meat 
  2. Cheese
  3. Fruits
  4. Vegetables 
  5. Bread 
  6. Herbs
Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board - All-Purpose Design

BPA Free and Food Grade Tested

BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical used to make plastic products and resin. It is harmful to humans as it reduces estrogen production.

However, tests have certified these Gorilla Grip Cutting Boards as BPA-free

Moreover, it is certified as food grade, too, according to US regulations which further ensures its high-quality manufacture.

Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board - Food Grade

All in all, let it be the material, thickness, composition, size, or grip, the top-notch Gorilla Grip Cutting Board knows how to set the bars high!

Specification Table

Features Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board
Material Plastic
ColorBlack and White
Size11.3″ x 1.1″ x 16.3″
Recommended UseVegetables, flesh, and bread
Weight4.3 lbs

Pros and Cons of Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board

Now that we are up with the key features and specifications of the Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board, let’s enlist some of its pros and cons. So, let’s go through them quickly. 

Why Buy Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board?- A Few Key Features to Eye On!

Some of the pros of Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board that users report are:

  • Helps to slice up all the food evenly 
  • Users report that its rubber grips hold it in place exceptionally strong and thus make the chopping and prep process far easier. 
  • One of the most affordable cutting boards 
  • Large in size, and yet not too heavy or bulky (exceptionally lightweight), unlike the wooden boards 
  • Exceptionally non-porous and thus doesn’t retain the foul swell.
  • Relatively easy to wash and clean 

Downfalls of Gorilla Grip Cutting Board 

Some of the pitfalls that users report are:

  • Sharp knife marks often appear on the cutting cupboard with time, thus giving it a worn-out look.
  • It sometimes retains the odor of strong-smelling foods (for example, garlic and ginger) and often requires a lot of washing.  

Final Verdict  

To cut a long story short, the Gorilla Grip Durable Kitchen Cutting Board is one of the best cutting boards and a great addition to your kitchen utensils

It is non-porous, slip resistant, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, lightweight, and, most of all, extremely affordable. In short, it offers a rich punch of features at an exclusive price range.

So, what are you thinking of? Buy this ultra-durable, uniquely designed Gorilla Grip Cutting Board set and make your food preparation way easier and quicker!